This and That!!

Warning lots of pics ahead!!!

We have been trying to pack all the fun into this summer, 
so that means lots of activities!!

This was dino sand!!

Lots of practicing with our horses!

We saw Incredibles 2!!

Rode at the arena

Tried out new pirate towels!

Made cardboard vehicles!

4th of July Jelly Beans!

bought fireworks that we still haven't shot!! 
(it rained on the 4th and we haven't had a chance to try again!)

My bestie from Montana and her fam came for a quick visit!!

They brought is some huckleberry taffy (very popular in Montana!) and it is the boys 
new fave!! They call it Pockle-berry candy and can't wait to get more when we go to Yellowstone!!

Palett Party!!

The kids had so much fun together and it was so awesome to see Raylee again!!

Batman sighting!

First harvest!

Chalk Bombs!

takin a break!

handprints in the cement!


Slip n Slide!!

The Farmer's Birthday!!

Dorothy In Wonderland play!!

Kenetic sand!

I bought this pool over a month ago, and we just now got it set up!!

everybody loves it!!

found this cute piece on clearance!

love it!!

headed to mulch the garden!!

Sorry I have not been keeping up with the blog, but I have not much time to sit at the computer!!
I am however, very active on instagram, so catch up with all our adventures there!!


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