Pics from phone!!

It's been way too long since I shared phone pics, so here ya go :)
Helping mommy make valentines cookie bars!

Having fun at Grandaddy's tack sale!
Riding a donkey with cousin Rex!

Giving bottle to cousin Maddox!

Obsessed with the bumbo!!

Cousin hugs!

New fave spot!

Haying the ponies!

Road Trip Home!

My Daddy brought us to St. Jo, Missouri where the Farmer picked us up (he left a couple of days after we drove down for Christmas) We had been wanting to do a lot of fun touristy things there so it was the perfect spot to meet! We started out at The James Farm, where Jesse James was born and grew up! It was very cool and had a nice museum too!

Jesse's original grave

the house

this is his grave now

next we went to the Pony Express Museum! Very fun and great for kids!

Daddy seeing how heavy the Mochilla was

then finally we went to Jesse James Home, where he was shot and killed

the bullet hole still there!

We had such a great time on this trip and the whole time we were in MS, love getting to spend time with my fam! Now comes the task of getting this house in order and back to our normal routine!! Stay tuned!!  :)

Mississippi Fun!

These are pics of some of the fun we had while we were in Mississippi :)

visiting Poo and Uncle Den!

had to check out the lake!

Getting ready to ride his pony in the ring at Granddaddy's (Whoop) horse sale!

he did so good, and didn't even need anybody to hold him...quit growing up!!

then he got to take a ride on this "BIG HORSE!"

All the Grandkids!!