Mardi Gras!!

We had such a fun day! The boys LOVE to look through their Mardi Gras bags and remember all the fun beads and doubloons! I keep these up at the top of their closets and only get them down for Mardi Gras, so they get super excited about it!! I put on some Mardi Gras music and we put on as many beads as our necks could handle!!

Then we feasted on Red Beans and Rice, Cajun Corn Casserole, salad, bread, and King Cake bars while we watched The Princess and The Frog!! Love fun festive days with my boys!!


King Cake Mail!!

Happy Mardi Gras!! Today is Fat Tuesday so we are busy celebrating (more pics to come!!) over here!! On Saturday, we got King Cake from Haydells in the mail!! Honey and Whoop sure know how to make our day! Yummo!! :)

This is the face of pure joy!! hehe!! McCoy was a big fan!! :)

Snow Day!

The Farmer hooked a bucket to the "bota" making the boys a little sled!! Tons of fun!!

After playing hard, they came in to mail from Honey and Whoop! New coloring books and colors! 
Of course with a little hot chocolate to warm up! :)


Growth Chart Ruler!

Yall, I have had all the supplies to do this since September, I'm such a procrastinator!!! 
It's just been sitting in the corner of the dining room and 
I finally got around to putting it together last week!! Love how it turned out!

There are tons on tutorials for this on Pinterest, but I opted for vinyl stickers (bought on Amazon link) since I thought it would be easier! I stained the board using a natural color that you can barley see and The Farmer hung it up in the playroom! I just went back and looked at my blog posts for their yearly measurements. The boys love to see how tall they are and it's fun for me to see how they are growing!! :)


This and That!

I got our 2017 album in and just love it! Kinda sad to look back at all the pics, 
my babies have grown so much in a year!

We had been having the BEST weather, I say "had" because last night and today we got enough snow to cancel school! BLAH!! Oh well, it was nice while it lasted and we had some fun on the "bota" an checking cattle!

My little Lego man :)

I got my hair cut on Wednesday night (just layers/re-shaped) and she styled it so cute!
Wondering how I will ever make it look this nice again?!?! ha!

Flannel shirt day for FFA week at school!! 

I also got some organizing done today and just had to share! I REALLY wish I would have taken a "before" picture of our little office area in the kitchen, but just imagine it with papers, mail, books, and junk sticking out everywhere and every inch of the counter covered!! It was BAD yall, so very glad to have it done! When I was making supper tonight, I put a bowl on the counter by the printer and heard angels sing, hehe!! It has been so long since I have this counter area cleaned off and use-able!! Hoping this new system will work better to keep it that way!! 

The cubbies hold farm mail, our mail, printer labels, printer paper, thank you/note cards, and coupons/gift cards. The basket by the cookbooks holds Merritt's horse show paperwork/newsletters, his preschool paperwork/handbook, and my label maker! The basket on top of the printer is stuff that still needs to be gone through, which used to just get piled up on the counter!

Again, wish I had a before picture!! These drawers were barely shutting and you could not find anything in them!! Now I have it divided into pen/pads, batteries, tape/glue, tools, miscellaneous, and nails/hardware! 

I just adore a freshly organized space!!