Friday, January 29, 2016

Snow Fun!!

Yall, we played outside this morning and it was GLORIOUS!! I am not a cold weather person, but being cooped up in this house was really starting to get to me! It warmed up a bit today, so we suited up and played for almost two hours! That must be a January record for me! ha! 

We pulled out all of our new snow play stuff and had a ball!! I found all this at Dirt Cheap in was 90% off the sticker price! I had my pick of whatever I wanted...they obviously don't get much (if any) snow down south, so there was TONS of things to choose from! So fun! The one time I felt lucky to live in a place where it snows! Ha!!

The brick molds and the markers were our fave! I scored a few refill packs for the markers too, so we will have plenty for more snow painting!! I'm thinking food coloring would work as well!!

"Look Mom, no hands!!" hehe :)


Thursday, January 28, 2016

This kid...

Today was Pajama Day at preschool! Merritt was so excited to wear his new Cowboy "jammies" that he got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa! He looked so cute! Not sure what they did, since his usual answer is "nuttin," when you ask him what he did at preschool!! 

Later today, he brought me this masterpiece and said "look Mommy, I drew a picture of you!" 
Well at least he gave me some long, lean legs!! haha!! :)


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

What we are eating this week? Sloppy Joes, Tasty Baked Tacos, Hamburger Helper, One Pot Chili Mac, and Pizza Ranch can I resist when they email with double points promotion!?! ha!

What we've been up to? As you know from my post a few days ago, I was finishing up my 2015 family photo album and was about to start on McCoy's baby book!! Well on Sunday, I went to pull up my files to save Merritt's party pics on my external hard drive and it was gone....just gone!! My computer would not recognize it..I tried to run a recovery but didn't have any luck, so we took it in to a computer guy and after much trying, he couldn't fix it either! I was devastated, to say the least!! My only saving grace was that I had backed up all my pictures before we left for Mississippi, and all the ones I took while I was there, were still on my camera! So I didn't lose any of those, WHEW! I did, however, loose all of my applique files, all of my graphic design files, all of my graphics, basically anything I have done for the past four years was gone!! AHHHHH!!! Thankfully, I was able to re-download most of the applique files, and some graphics...I stayed up until Midnight last night trying to get it done...ugghh it is just such a mess and extremely time consuming!! Back up your files people!! 

What I'm reminiscing about? Being Preggo with McCoy! In all of the missing file drama, I thought I had lost the only four pics I had of me and my baby bump (with McCoy). I never shared them on social media, and they were in a different file than all the other pics....I was soo bummed that I couldn't find them, since I had wanted to use them in his baby book just like I did in Merritt's! Anyway, after more hours of searching, I found a file of phone pics saved on my desk top and there they were!! I was elated!!! I whisper screamed for joy, since everybody was already asleep!! hehe!!
(just for you August Ann!!ha!)

What I'm loving? My Lush bath bombs and bubble bars...they smell soo amazing! I keep them in a drawer in the bathroom and any time you open it, the most wonderful scents fill the whole bathroom!! LOVE! Just wish I had more time to actually have a relaxing bath! ha! Also loving my new Clarisonic! The Farmer ended up getting me one for Christmas! It really is an amazing facial cleanser!! Feels so fabulous! Thanks Farmer :)

What I'm Dreading? Pretty much every day from 4:00pm to 6:00pm...yall it is a nightmare!! They don't call it the witching hour for nothing!! The boys just tend to misbehave, get into everything, and pretty much go crazy... all the while, I'm trying to cook supper! Winters are the worst, at least when the weather is nice, they can just be outside! Ughhh! Summer, where are you?!?!

What I'm excited about? The Black Hills Stock Show!! We are going next week and I can't wait! Merritt is Mutton Bustin Thursday night, then we have tickets for the rodeo on Friday! The Farmer will be helping our friends fit cattle, so I'm planning some fun Mommy/Merritt stuff! Excited to see some of our friends there too! 

What I'm watching/reading? Downton Abbey is my life at the moment!! Yall, I really want to cry after every episode, I just can't believe this is the last season!! Also watching The Bachelor, Project Runway Junior, and seeing if I like the new show Mercy Street (comes on after Downton)

What I'm listening to? Back to Disney Radio!! It's our go-to around here!

What I'm wearing? blah...I don't think I have looked cute all month...we really haven't been anywhere and I didn't even get to go to my last MOPS meeting...sickies be gone!!
This is the most "dressed up" I have gotten...I really love this sweater from Target! Great color and super comfy! Love how this picture really captures my dirty bathroom mirror!! Blah! :)

What I'm doing this weekend? Absolutely nothing!! It's supposed to warm up just a little, so thinking of letting the boys play in the snow...I got some fun snow painting stuff to try out!!

What I'm looking forward to next month? Valentines and Mardi Gras! We'll celebrate anything around here!

What else is new? Did I mention my hard drive crashed??? Yeah, so there's that....

What is your favorite Valentines Treat? Dipped Wafer cookies!! Soo yummy and incredibly easy!! 

Also love our (me and The Farmer) tradition of getting a big variety cheesecake and eating it, along with Pizza, while watching a movie (or House of Cards) on Valentines Day! Adore our annual stay-home Valentines date!! 

Merritt's Lone Ranger Party!

His party turned out so cute! We had a few Lone Ranger things already, so I just used them as decor! I also ordered the Hallmark ornament and used it on the cake, making it go from a cowboy cake to a Lone Ranger cake! Then found a vintage Lone Ranger centerpiece on Ebay. Merritt loved everything and had such a fun time! He loves having everybody over! Thanks so much to our fam that came to celebrate our little man! :)

 My Daddy had gotten Merritt this vintage Lone Ranger Board game at an antique store a couple years ago..I just taped some twine to it, and hung it up! Super cute!

We had Sloppy Joes, corn, broccoli salad, fruit, cheesy potatoes, and chips!

He got so many fun things! Pop Up (trouble game), coloring book, Elmo, Imaginext Piarte Ship, Imaginext pirates, Imaginext Whale, Pirate Lego Juniors, Race Car Lego Juniors, Farming DVD, Busytown game, books, Leap Pad game, Tic Tac Toe, and Checkers!! Can't wait to build legos and play games!

Merritt got locked up!

They had so much fun being cowboys!


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