The Great Pumpkin!!

If you follow my blog, you know that I am obsessed with holidays...but I do not love holiday prices, so I bargain shop and buy clearance after holidays are over and keep it for the next year! I love to see the smiles on Merritt's face with these special memories!

While I was home in Mississippi, Me and Momma scoured Dirt Cheap (oh how I wish we had one in Iowa!!) and really lucked up on lots of fall goodies for the boys!! 

During Merritt's bath tonight, we told him the Great Pumpkin was going to come and leave him and Coy a prize! He was super excited and loved all his treats! 

Coy's bucket...they each got a few books, a fun dvd, a coloring book, some window clings, socks, a sippy, a place mat, a pumpkin light for trick-or-treating, and spooky sucker!!

Merritt's bucket! 

Rolo's and Gummies for Merritt and the Farmer! We are going to build the foam boo house tomorrow!! Looks fun! 

This was my favorite clearance find that we got! It's Mr. Potato Head for pumpkins, you just push the pieces in! So cute! McCoy got a witch (the only other choice was a princess!)! I hate carving pumpkins, so this is perfect!!

...and Merritt got a pirate! He really likes to play with the real Mr. Potato Head, so he will for sure get a kick out of this, and they can be re-used, which I love :)  It took a bit to persuade him not to open it up until we "carve" pumpkins, but he agreed!

he was in love with the light!

happy dance!!!

checking out little brother's bucket!

"look Mommy, a light!!"

Stoked about his Paw Patrol and Dusty Crophopper socks! They don't really have anything to do with Halloween, but I got them in the Target Dollar spot back in the spring and was waiting for a fun time to give them, and they both happened to have orange in the characters, so I threw them in the buckets!!! :)

We love Sid The Science Kid!! It's a Halloween episode dvd!

Mommy's Little Monsters!!

LOVE these babies!

McCoy loved his light too!! :)

Little Spiders!

Since Merritt's first fall, we have been doing some sort of hand/foot print craft! This year we decided to do little spiders! So cute!! :)

spider hand!!

our little spiders!

these are all the fall prints, proudly displayed on my fridge! :)

Sweet Boys!

 My sweeties all ready for church this morning!! :)



How cute are these little bags of bones :) I was so excited that Merritt's still fit from last year, and McCoy could wear Merritt's from his first Halloween!! Now to see if they still glow in the dark! Soo fun!!


This and That!

My friend, Lacey, sent McCoy these adorable jammies and I just couldn't resist taking some pics!! Soo cute! Thanks Namkens!! :)

big boy in his jumparoo!!

we got out our Halloween Little People this morning!!

"Mommy, do you have to take pics of everything???"  Yes, yes I do!! :)

McCoy 4 Months!

Our little man is 4 months old and still sweeter than ever! He did so great on his first trip to Mississippi and was a champ in the car! So glad my boys like to travel! :)

 He still loves to lay under his activity mat the most, but enjoys his bumbo seat and jumparoo a lot more now too!! We put the swing away this morning and I got a little teary eyed...why does it have to go so fast?!?!

His sleeping schedule has stayed the same, but now he has four 7.5 bottles a day...8:00, noon, 4:00, and again at 8:00, then off to bed! :) Not sure when we will start solids, he goes for his 4 month checkup next week, so we will know more then! 

He is wearing 3-6 month, and 6-9 month clothes depending on the brand and is still wearing size 2 diapers....mostly because I have one more small pack to use up, then we will be changing to size 3!

He really loves Merritt, when he isn't being mean to him, and loves to play peepie (peek-a-boo). His favorite is kissing your nose and having you say "you can't get my nose!" he thinks it's too funny!

He is so close to rolling over, but hasn't officially done it yet! 

That's all I can really think of for now, just growing and changing everyday!

Love you so much Coy-boy!!

I think they just keep looking more alike!! CRAZY!!


Patee House - St. Joseph, MO

We missed this museum last time we were in St. Jo, so we had to see it this time! I didn't even know it had a train...Merritt freaked, as you can imagine!! He rode the carousel at least four times, thank goodness Whoop doesn't get sick because there is no way I was going on it!! ha!

have you noticed my sweet boy will no longer pose/smile for pics :(

not happy to share with little bro!

we got home this afternoon and instead of unpacking, washing clothes, and cleaning, I have been playing on the floor with my babe trying to get him to roll over!! He is so close, stay tuned!! :)