You know I had to.. a comparison!! hehe!! They look so much a like!! :)


McCoy's Baby Announcement!

Now that I finally got all these mailed out, I can share them here! Love the way they turned out!

I added our new address info on the card too, of course blocked out here in case of creepers!! ha!

Strawberry Cobbler!

We decided to make strawberry cobbler ( with our fresh picked strawberries and it was delicious!!! Merritt "helped" and was so proud to cook with HIS strawberries :)

dipping some in the sugar...can we say huge mess?!?! hehe!

MMmmmm yummy!

we cook with our boots on!!

ready to go in the oven!

silly baby!!

not happy about the suggestion of a bath!!

sooo good!!!

Strawberry Picking!!

This afternoon we went Strawberry Picking at Gettings Garden ( a couple of towns over! It was so fun! Merritt's favorite part was riding the Strawberry Express Gator to the field and picking the white strawberries!! ha!! Such a fun summer day with all my boys :) Now I need to find a strawberry pie recipe!! 

The Strawberry Express! It has a big roll bar that comes over the top of your head and around your waist like a fair ride! I hate rides, so this was not my favorite part! ha!

ready to pick!!

my boys!

"look Daddy a white one!!"

now hes got the hang of it!

McCoy had fun too :)

loved carrying the "bucket"

we got strawberry milk shakes made with the fresh strawberries!! Delicious!!

Entry Nook!

I have been dreaming of this nook since before we moved in and it turned out even better than I imagined!! This little spot used to be a closet, but I have always wanted a bench/nook/locker (blame it on Pinterest!) and this was the perfect place for it! The Farmer made the whole thing and did such a great job! Now I just need to get one more basket for the bottom, and baskets for the top cubbies! I am going to use the very top for decor....pumpkins for fall, trees for Christmas it!!

Daddy's little helper!

love the bench!!

got the bottom baskets and these hooks at Hobby Lobby!

McCoy's Newborn Photos!

I just I realized forgot to post these pictures, so I will share them now! Also don't think I ever shared about McCoy's middle name, Everett! He is named after The Farmer's Grandpa Vermeer's side of the family, who The Farmer is also named after! There were a couple of Everettes/Everts in the family, so we decided on Everett! We both really liked the name, and how it sounds with McCoy! Enjoy the pics of our little farm boy :)