Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This morning, Merritt got up early, so we decided to make a special Halloween breakfast! I used this recipe and just added a little orange food coloring to the icing! It sort of looks like nacho cheese, but trust me it taste delicious and it's soo easy!!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween fun!

This morning I realized that we only had one day left until Halloween, so we had better finish up some Halloween fun I had planned! We made a Jack-o-Lantern with stickers and made cute little ghost cookies! So much fun :)

stink face!!!

for the record he only had one cookie :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zoo Boo!

We went to ZooBoo again this year and our little horse had the BEST time!! I was pretty nervous because the last time I actually got his costume on an epic meltdown ensued, but he did so good tonight! With a little distraction from light up pumpkins, he didn't even mind having it on! YEA {whew}! 

The line was outrageously long when we got there, so we ran to Target and came back, still ridiculous, went to eat at Pita Pit (yummo), then gave it another was still long but not as bad, so we got in line! It didn't take long at all and they had characters come to visit in line, so that helped! So glad we waited, it was soo much fun :) AND he got loads of candy, some stickers, slap bracelets, and a toothbrush :)


Friday, October 25, 2013


Finally got to have his sucker from his Halloween happpy....he thought it was SUPER funny! And so did I!! :)



I got the babe some new gloves for the cold weather that has taken over...he kinda loves them..and his rubber boots! :)


Mr Potato Head!

At our MOPS meeting yesterday, we had a speaker talk about the importance of keeping a journal and telling your family's story...made me realize I hadn't blogged in awhile!! I have some fun pics to share, but other than that October has been a whirlwind of photoshoots, harvest, and running Merritt around! Hoping I remember November a little better :)

he loves to play with Mr. Potato Head...but mostly so he can wear his cool glasses! :)


Monday, October 14, 2013

His New Obsession..

The combine...he is CRAZY OBSESSED!!!  It's all he talks about...constantly!! Oh and I'm talking about Merritt, not The Farmer! ha! He got to ride a few times with the Farmer while harvesting soy beans, and now he gets his little toy combine and tractor/wagon out and drives the combine around a bit, then pulls it up to the wagon, pulls the auger out and says "bye bye beans, all done" and starts driving the combine around is precious! So crazy how he figured it out so quickly! He wakes up in the morning saying, combine? Daddy? Wheres combine? When we walked into church yesterday he asked, Wheres combine? not sure why he thought he would get to ride the combine in church!??!?! No clue what we will do when harvest is over?!!? :)


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